Why Unlearning Is Important To Manage Culture Change

Unlearning is a crucial process to embrace if you wish to survive a cultural change in your professional career. Unlearning is often overlooked by the authority while trying to implement fresh changes in a company. Hence, it would be best to embrace the art of unlearning to paramount your way to transformation.

What is unlearning?

Unlearning is not as opposing as it sounds. While learning means to simply acquire more knowledge, unlearning means to let go of information that no longer serves your purpose. It is a recurring process. If you wish to survive the dynamics of a cultural change, then you will have to keep unlearning so that you can go on to adjust yourself according to the new situations at hand.

Here are some of the reasons why unlearning is essential for you to manage culture change.

  • To learn new business transformation 

It is essential to embrace the advancements that take place in the world. Unlearning would help you to adhere to the new reforms of technological implementations. Digitalization transformation holds one of the highest relevance over here as organizations worldwide are increasingly becoming dependent on the virtual reality of the current situation.

Hence, unlearning the old ways of the business culture would help you massively to glide into a new workplace culture where you will be expected to work differently.

  • Unlearning sets a new standard and approach to service and customer experience at large

Customer experience is one of the most important aspects of any business culture in today’s world. It is one of the most significant strategic objectives of an organization. Unlearning the old techniques where companies limit themselves to serving their target audiences to getting hold of the new ones where companies use digitalization to reach out to their customers directly has to a long journey.

Unlearning sets a way to instigate brand new service norms that upgrade customer experiences by bringing in a wave of changes.

  • Unlearning leads to modifications in the leadership role in the organization

When leaders start taking the process of unlearning seriously, it brings in waves of fresh changes to the leadership roles, thus spearheading the organization positively. As much as leaders are required to learn new tactics every day, they must also let go of the old ones.

It is vital to understand that workplace culture is dynamic, and a leader will always have to deal with all sorts of employees. Hence, successful leadership is only possible when they are willing to move forward and let go of the old norms to build space for new ones.


Unlearning is one of the most underrated processes that is not given enough credit. It is crucial to transforming the dynamics of company culture, thus upgrading an organization’s productivity. 

The points mentioned earlier will help you understand why unlearning is a vital growth aspect that will help you tackle the constant changes that come your way in your professional life. By following these reasons, you will hopefully be able to fend for those changes when the right time comes!

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