What to Expect From a USDA Loan

by Mike H. | April 9, 2020 1:49 pm

Homebuyers have the option to apply for government-backed home mortgage programs. The applicants must review all eligibility requirements before applying and provide documentation as directed by their lender. Reviewing what to expect from a USDA home mortgage loan helps the borrower determine if they qualify for the program.

What are USDA Mortgage Loans?

The USDA mortgage loan program was designed to provide financing for homebuyers who live or want to live in suburbs or rural regions of the US. The programs eliminate a down payment and make it easier for the borrowers to get financing if they meet specific qualifications. The loans are guaranteed and backed up the USDA and often assist low-income families in the pursuit of homeownership.

What are the Requirements for the Mortgage Programs?

The borrower must have proof that they are a lawful citizen of the US. They must have a credit score of no less than 640 and a stable work history. The credit history must show that the consumer has at least one year where there aren’t any delinquencies, defaults, foreclosures, or late payments on their credit history. The household income for the borrower ranges under the 115 percentile for the county in which they live. The property financed by the mortgage home loan must be the borrower’s primary residence.

What are the Income Restrictions for the Programs?

The current income limits are no high than $86,850 for households of up to four members, and no higher than $114,650 for households of five or more members. All borrowers must provide income statements for all sources of income they receive each month. This includes their earnings, business income, alimony, and child support. Any dividends from stocks or savings accounts are also income that is reported to the lender when seeking approval for a USDA home mortgage. All income streams are calculated to determine if the applicant qualifies according to the current income restrictions for the home mortgage program.

Evidence of Payments to Creditors

The borrower must provide receipts to the lender for all their monthly obligations and debts. This includes a payment history for any debts that are in collections, owned by a collection agency, or have been charged off by the lender. The lender must determine the borrower’s determination for paying off their debts and improving their credit. If the applicant has a history of defaults or collection accounts and hasn’t made any payments to the creditor, the USDA will not approve them for a home mortgage loan.

It is recommended that consumers review their credit history for any discrepancies and outdated accounts. Most closed accounts are removed from the credit history after 7 years. Any disputes about negative credit listings must be submitted to each credit bureau for an investigation[1].

Homebuyers choose USDA loans when they have a qualifying credit score and meet the income restrictions. The loans help low-income families acquire financing and get their dream home. USDA programs eliminate the down payment and make it more affordable for these families. Applicants who want to apply for a USDA home mortgage contact Dustin Dimisa[2] now.

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