What The Law States of Polarity

What’s the Law Of Polarity? Exactly what does it mean?

This means that things are dual all things have rods all things have its set of opposites.

Maybe you’ve went through transition from like to hate, and also the reverse, also. But are you aware the potential of this being accomplished through the desire? How it can be done purposely? Love and hate are but rods of the identical factor, ergo what the law states of Polarity. You’ve got a choice. Exactly what do you select? Interesting, is not it?

Just how can this understanding allow us to? Exactly what does it inform us?

In my opinion it shows that we ought to constantly consider the good in people and situations, that people should create a constant effort to slip “up” the pole of Polarity. We all know there’s a poor, but we ought to “choose” to check out the great, that we must always “choose” to possess good ideas.


Good ideas attract good vibrations! Good vibrations attract good stuff!

There’s always a contrary — having difficulties, you are able to “choose” what you would like to focus on. When I pointed out within the Law Of Perpetual Transmutation, what circles appears, causeing this to be two times as effective. Made a decision to “slide” in the pole of Polarity, regardless of how painful! Why? Due to the rewards it’ll bring. Final point here is the finish result. Keep that picture in your thoughts.

Maybe you have thought you had it bad? Then, something good happened and also you were smiling throughout your day?

Maybe you have thought you did not like someone, then another person discusses how nice that individual is, how good loved they are, how accomplished — within an area that you simply respect — that individual is?

Maybe you have hated the design of the vehicle, then someone you want bought that kind of vehicle and requested should you wanted a trip and also you made the decision it had not been this type of bad vehicle in the end?

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