Polished plaster can be applied in any wet rooms, including those with direct contact with water. It can easily be applied to kitchen aprons, as when paired with a protective varnish of our production the coating is not threatened by dirt, grease or water. As a confirmation of their words, the company gives long warranty on all work. You can check this website  to know about the services you can have in polished plastering.

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How the Acrylic Binder Works

Thanks to the acrylic binder, polished plaster is a very flexible material that allows you to hide microcracks on the wall, as well as locally restore the surface in case of damage.

Polished plaster is applied by specialized craftsmen and using special tools (trowel, applicators, brushes, sponges). The peculiarity and complexity of the application is that polished plaster is a mixture in a jar. This is not a finished product, like wallpaper. It cannot be simply pasted. And the final effect depends on the correct application, compliance with the stages of work. To become a true master-decorator, you need years of experience.

Often, repair teams who want to apply polished plaster themselves, even after training in the office, make mistakes that cost the customer time and money. Therefore, first ask your master to make a sample, and then decide whether to allow it to the walls or not.

Therefore, our advice:

Order work in specialized salons for polished plastering. The price there is not much more expensive. But there is a guarantee of the result.

As we already said, the service life of polished plaster is enormous. Therefore, let it be better that she lives on your walls, so special and beautiful, and not with traces of improper work of non-professionals.

  • When choosing a plaster, it is necessary to correctly compose questions for the seller or carefully read the label.
  • Where polished plaster will be used, indoors or outdoors.
  • On what surface polished plaster will be applied: mineral plaster, drywall, brick, concrete), wooden, fiberboard, particleboard, etc.
  • In what conditions (in which room) will the coating be used: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, common areas, public places with high operational load, etc.
  • What polished effect do you want to get; with and without nacre, voluminous or smooth, etc.
  • Depending on the answer to the questions posed, you will have a choice determined by 2-3 products that depend on your design or taste preferences.
  • When buying polished plaster, you need to pay attention to the following points:
  • Plaster operating conditions (outside or inside the house).
  • The type of room, its purpose (living rooms, kitchens, public places, etc.) for choosing plaster with the appropriate properties.
  • Planned budget for the purchase of material.
  • The desired effect to determine the method of application and selection of the tool, as well as the color scheme.

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