Professional or DYI? Which Goes Right With Locksmith Services

by Mike H. | February 15, 2020 2:38 pm

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If you have some skills in the matter, you can do this installation yourself by following the useful advice of our locksmith experts. In addition, you will discover in this article all the important information concerning the multi-point lock.

Indeed, there are locks with 3 points or more which have many advantages in order to ensure at best your security but also your satisfaction. You will see that this lock is really effective and can best equip your front door, whether for your accommodation or for your business premises. Even if this device requires a higher cost than a basic and conventional lock, it still represents a much higher security against all attempts to break in or even burglaries, even the most expert. You can check this website[1] for a professional support in the whole work.

Remove your old lock from your front door

In order to be able to install your multi-point lock with the greatest of ease, you must first remove the old door closing system entirely. Here’s how:

Remove the front door from its hinges

Unscrew all the parts which were used to compose the door closing system and which is located on the frame of your door.

With a little wood pulp, take care to fill in all the holes left by the old screws to ensure a beautiful appearance to your front door.

With a piece of sandpaper, smooth the wood pulp well once it has completely dried to have a clean and smooth surface.

Drill the hole where the cylinder of your multi-point lock will be housed

Place your door on trestles to be able to work well and determine the right location for your place the new cylinder. Once its location is found, you will have to drill it to accommodate the cylinder. Just do the following:

Ensure the installation of all rods

It will also be important to place all the rods to be able to set up your new multi-point lock by performing the following operations:

Before placing the central strike, you must first replace the door on its hinges.

The strikes installed will allow you to install all the moving parts of your new closure system:

Close the door and mark all locations on the door frame by placing your strike. Mark all the holes that you will have to drill for fixing. Using a drill, drill all these holes so that you can accommodate the fixing screws. You can then correctly screw your central keeper. Ensure the installation of the top strike. A multi-point lock will not be able to be properly maintained without having installed the top strike in addition to the central strike. End of the day, trust a professional for the same.

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