Increased production and lower costs with reliable servo motor

Industrial automation has benefited various industries in countless way. Increased production and lower costs, added safety, improved efficiency and quality are just few of them. Over the past several decades, most of the industries are trying to cope up with the latest technology to sustain in today’s competitive marketplace. The use of servo motors  which are a type of electric motor (rotary actuator) that allows for precise control of position, velocity and acceleration is becoming extremely popular in the application such as Robotics, Conveyor Belts, Camera Auto Focus, Robotic Vehicle, Solar Tracking System, Metal Cutting & Metal Forming Machines, Woodworking/CNC, etc. 

Invest little time

Servo motors can be a great addition to your application but selecting the right servo motor for the application which is known as sizing the motor is crucial otherwise you might not get the expected benefits and have to compromise with the underwhelming performance. Hence consider certain factors before taking any unambiguous decision and reap the benefits of your investment for years

  • ook at your application requirements and environment factors
  • determine how fast must the servo rotate from one position to another
  • define what the application’s motion profile looks like
  • find out how much torque the motion application needs
  • calculate the motion system’s optimal inertia ratio
  • determine what kind of servo gearing will work

Evaluate reputation

Today’s marketplace is flooded with numerous factory automation manufactures but not all offer high quality products and commendable services.  There are three main types of servo motor namely positional rotation, continuous rotation and linear. It is always advisable to read the reviews of the products of the manufacturers on the reliable forum and evaluate their performance and reputation. Go through the website of few reliable manufacturers and compare the price, services and solutions offered, effectiveness of the training procedure, experience of the professional, etc. and have peace of mind.

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