Helpful Tips to Improve the Warehouse Fulfillment Process

It does not matter if someone is running a large-scale distribution center or a small family business, gaps in efficiency can seriously impede and slow down any business. In today’s consumer-driven economic landscape, there is no room to waste time. In fact, up to 65% of modern consumers agree that a three-day delivery is standard – and today’s expectation.

One method to ensure that the warehousing and fulfillment process being used is efficient is to look at the process being used. When this is done, there is a good chance that issues will be discovered. Inefficiencies can result in serious problems and while this is true, there are some solutions you can implement to help ensure the processes are improved and made more efficient, which are found here.

Boost the Accuracy of Inventory

It is estimated that, on average, a retail inventory is only accurate about 63% of the time. Many wonder why this is a big deal. If inventory numbers are not correct, it is not possible to properly store, pick, package, or fulfill at high levels of efficiency.

Also, both partners and customers want to see what is in stock when they are placing an order. It is possible to improve inventory accuracy by using fulfillment inventory solutions, which ensure a high level of accuracy.

Make the Process More Predictable

If the process a person uses varies greatly from day to day, week to week, or even season to season, many inefficiencies can occur. The fact is, if warehouse teams don’t know what to expect each day, they will lose both labor and operational costs, along with an over or understock of goods.

To help prevent these issues, it is a good idea to invest in quality business distribution software. This will help to predict and automate the systems for improved predictability. When the software does most of the monitoring and maintenance for a person, it is much easier to refocus the attention and to improve efforts in other places.

Invest in an RFID System

The various budget-drainers in the fulfillment process will add up quickly and keep any business from experiencing significant growth. However, it is difficult to identify what these are if the proper systems are not in place. Data tracking and transparency at each level of the supply chain is essential to helping with the development of solid analytics, and the analytics that is needed for making an impactful change on a day-to-day level.

By using RFID – radio-frequency identification – technology along with detailed tracking software, it is possible to access transparency and improved tracking like never before, which ensures improved data aggregation.

Improving the Process One Step at a Time

When it comes to improving the fulfillment process at any warehouse, there are more than a few factors to keep in mind. The tips and information listed here will help anyone begin to develop a plan of attack to improve the fulfillment process and ensure the desired outcome is achieved. Being informed and knowing what to do is the best way to improve efficiencies.

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