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Investment plans are the go-to resources to accumulate money for future requirements. Several people benefit from investment plans that aim to provide higher returns than a regular savings plan. You, too, can benefit from the best long-term investment plans for an upcoming life goal. But if you are unaware of the best methods capable of providing higher returns, don’t worry. Here you will get detailed information on those investment plans.

Top 3 Best Long Term Investment Plans in India

The basic characteristic of a great investment plan is that it can provide a much higher return than any other plan for the same investment amount. But when several plans can provide such returns, it becomes tough to select the best among them all. So, here is a list of three investment plans capable of providing much higher returns than any other plan for ready reference.

Life Insurance Plans

A life insurance policy is one of the most invested plans in India. Even though there might be people unaware of other investment modes, there won’t be a single person who never heard of life insurance. This popularity is due to the great benefits that life insurance policies can provide.

How It Works

An insurance agency provides several life insurance policies which a potential customer can choose depending on their requirements. The customer becomes a policyholder upon purchasing a plan from the insurer in return for a premium amount. The premium is payable through different monthly, semi-yearly, or yearly modes.

The plan is valid for a fixed-term duration and sometimes can have the return of premium and even interest on the premium. If the policyholder meets an untimely demise, the nominee of the policy will get death benefits from the insurer.

Mode of Purchasing

A potential policyholder can directly contact the insurer to purchase a plan. They can buy an insurance plan online through the website or offline mode through an authorized insurance agent.


The major benefit of an insurance policy is that the family or dependents get funds from the policy in case of the sad demise of the policyholder. If the policyholder were the family’s sole breadwinner, the funds would keep them financially safe from debts and provide livelihood till they find some other source of income.

Fixed Deposits

Usually, banks and financial institutions provide fixed deposits schemes. Fixed deposits are the second most popular investment mode in India. And most people prefer it for the reliability that only banks can provide.

How It Works

The customer has to pay a large amount and keep it as a deposit with the bank for an extended time. With the increase in the deposit duration, the interest rate also increases. The bank deposits the amount with the earned interest into a bank account at the maturity date.

Mode Of Purchasing

Anyone can purchase a fixed deposit plan from a bank with an active account.


The major benefit of a fixed deposit is the guaranteed return of money and high interest at maturity.

Systematic Investment Plans

Systematic Investment Plan or SIP is an investment planning methodology applicable to share market investment and similar securities-based investments. IT involves keeping aside a fixed amount of money every month for the sole purpose of investment.

How It Works

In a SIP, a person invests a fixed amount of money every month into shares, equities, bonds, mutual funds, commodities, gold, or other market-dependent investments. As the investment is systematic, there are no effects of the market position while investing money. It is because, through the years, these market fluctuations of ups and downs at the time investing will cancel each other out. And as the market value of every product mostly tends to increase over time, they can receive a hefty profit when they sell the purchased products after a few years.

Mode Of Purchasing

A person can purchase such securities through banks and financial institutions.


The major benefit of SIP is the highest returns not seen in any other plan. But it comes with its own higher risks.


These three investment plans will prove to be the best long-term investment plans that you could ever choose. Through these, you can save a huge amount for any big goal in your life. Out of these three, life insurance is the most beneficial plan with assured returns and an added benefit of protection for life. A good method to ensure that the life insurance policy you select does not go in vain is to choose plans from a reputed insurance company.

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